Ticket HR in one minute

Could requesting any work leave be as easy as sending a text?

Ticket HR simplifies and optimises Human Resources’ requests and communications. Employees can select one ticket among the ones available on the App, and follow their request’s approval thanks to real-time notifications. Administrators can effortlessly approve, edit or deny submitted requests directly through the platform and consult a dedicated calendar that allows data export when needed.

Easy requests and approvals

  • Optimize time management associated with requests and communications 
  • Easily manage attendance and absence flows 
  • Approve or reject employee requests directly from the App 
  • Let users send a request to their managers 
  • Manage any approval workflow such as holidays, permits, smart working, purchases, or travel 
  • Activate/deactivate over 21 leave tickets 
  • Offer employees and managers a single tool to ask and authorize leave requests 
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Preset tickets and real-time notifications

  • Associate tickets mandatory actions like uploading documents  
  • Use up to 3 validation levels and assign every employee multiple managers 
  • Let users consult their ticket history directly on the App 
  • Send automatic push notifications to make it easier for employees and managers to keep track of the approval workflow 
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Data management and team overview

  • Consult the calendar to have company and department-specific presence overviews  
  • Let managers export data in csv or xls 
  • Integrate Ticket HR with third-party software 
  • File tickets requests 
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The Back Office

  • Check your teams’ ticket requests and accept, decline, or edit the tickets 
  • Deny tickets even after the approval in case of emergency 
  • Consult the ticket calendar and share it with additional responsible figures, even if unrelated to the approval flow 
  • Allow managers and employees to communicate through the dedicated chat associated with the specific leave request 
  • Set up an email alert for managers that summarizes the tickets awaiting approval 
  • Guarantee the approver manager a direct communication channel with the employee 
  • Integrate Ticket HR with third-party software via API, layouts, xls, or csv files  
  • Manage end-of-month anomalies in real-time with automatic notifications to managers (if used with Time Keeper)
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Schermata del Back Office con calendario ticket aperti in Ticket HR


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Transform leave request into a simple operation to be performed within an App  
  • Establish a set of tickets to be made available to staff  
  • Guarantee employees the possibility to access their ticket request history  
  • Associate specific tickets with mandatory actions like attaching medical documentation 
  • Open a direct chat with the employee who made the request  
  • Notify employees of the request approval flow 
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