Ticket HR in one minute

Could requesting any work leave be as easy as sending a text?

Ticket HR simplifies and optimises Human Resources’ requests and communications. Employees can select one ticket among the ones available on the App, and follow their request’s approval thanks to real-time notifications. Administrators can effortlessly approve, edit or deny submitted requests directly through the platform and consult a dedicated calendar that allows data export when needed.

Easy requests and approvals

  • It optimises and speeds up management procedure associated with employees’ requests and communications
  • It simplifies attendance and absence monitoring
  • Directly through the platform, administrators can approve or deny employees’ requests.
  • Each employee can send a direct request to its manager
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Preset tickets and real-time notifications

  • It supports up to 21 different tickets to make available on the App
  • It is possible to create pre-set tickets that request the submission of specific attached documents
  • An employee’s ticket approval can be submitted to up to 3 levels of validation, each one with multiple managers
  • Employees can follow the approval process through push notifications and receive real-time validation
  • Users can always consult the list of their archived tickets
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Data management and team overview

  • A dedicated calendar shows managers a real-time overview of the entire company or specific departments, according to absent and present employees
  • Data export always available in .csv or .xls for managers
  • The Module blends in perfectly with other management software in use through available APIs
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The Back Office

  • It is possible to associate up to 3 levels of validation for each employee
  • Each administrator can view the requests of its team members and use quick actions to accept, reject or change dates
  • If needed, tickets can be deleted even after their approval
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Back Office with Ticket HR and list of open tickets to be approved


The Back Office

  • The tickets requests of each team are displayed in a calendar that can be shared with additional responsible figures, even if disconnected from the responsibility of validating requests
  • Each single open tickets creates a bilateral chat to allow communication between managers and employees
  • It is possible to an email alert that summarises the tickets awaiting approval to the validators
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Schermata del Back Office con calendario ticket aperti in Ticket HR


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Simplify through a user-friendly App any leave request from employees
  • Plan a list of preset tickets to make available to staff on the App
  • Guarantee staff the possibility to consult archived tickets
  • Create tickets that require the submission of specific attached documents
  • Offer employees a simple tool to send their doctor’s letter or the social security service code
  • Open a direct chat to communicate with the person who asks for leave
  • Allow employees to follow the approval process of their ticket through notifications
  • Approve, edit or deny specific requests directly from the platform and in real-time