The platform

Why is MyNet the right solution for your company?

  • It optimises activities management while saving time and reducing operating costs
  • It displays the real-time situation of the company making it easily analysable
  • Its price can be paid for with a subsidised loan
  • It is an up-to-date and safe Saas (Software as a service)
  • It has 13 modules to choose from with specific functions to meet each business needs and develops new modules on request
  • It allows to manage teams effectively and create a healthy and inclusive work environment
  • It supports and simplifies communication between employees and managers
  • It is a multilingual management platform
  • It is an eco-friendly technological tool that pays attention to paper waste and Co2 emissions

The infrastructure

MyNet IT & Cloud

  • The platform is composed of a Back Office available for managers and two Apps (iOS and Android) for final users
  • MyNet infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud servers located in Belgium – EU
  • The company data of MyNet’s customers (i.e. database and file system) can be hosted on a dedicated cloud activated by the customer on Google Cloud or provided by MyNet
  • The platform communicates exclusively via secure connections (HTTPS2 or VPN connections strongly encrypted with asymmetric keys) protected by 8192-bit keys and, in other cases, by solid alphanumeric passwords
  • MyNet provides security patch applications every six months
  • Database backups are run periodically, and seven historical copies are kept in two different locations for security reasons


The data management…

  • MyNet software takes into account all aspects relating to the processing of personal users’ data
  • In compliance with provision no. 300 (2008) by the Guarantor Authority, the access logs of the system administrators to the processing and storage systems of personal data are stored for at least six months and available to the Customer in case of personal data violations or upon Authority request
  • MyNet App requires the following permissions via pop-up notification, according to the modules and users’ activities: • Camera access • Gallery access • Microphone access • GPS access
  • Users can control their information and personal data and deny or authorise the individual App permissions


...that ensures privacy

  • In compliance with the principle of data processing transparency (art. 5 of the GDPR), the companies can upload on the App’s user menu one or multiple privacy policies to inform the employees
  • MyNet’s goal is to support the Customer in full compliance with the regulatory principles of minimisation and store data limitation. The data processed by the App are those strictly necessary for its basic operation. It is always possible to delete personal data referable to dismissed or retired employees
  • Upon request, MyNet provides the Privacy by Design document, which describes all information necessary to ensure compliance with the EU Regulation 2016/679 and any other current regulation on personal data protection


A single platform for multiple benefits


MyNet is a highly customisable platform both in terms of graphic interface and functionalities. Companies have the opportunity to customise the interface to ensure consistency with their corporate image and choose among the several available functionalities. Upon request, it is possible to insert the App with the logo and company name directly on Android and iOS Stores.

Back Office and App

MyNet complies with the GDPR and labour law and integrates with company management systems and digital infrastructures already in use. MyNet App is available to users on Android and iOS stores, and the Back Office is accessible from any browser. Data are encrypted and subjected to automatic backups.

Assistance and support

MyNet’s team ensures training, assistance, and ongoing support to company managers and users of the App. The direct contact with a MyNet consultant combined with the availability of consulting additional information material (from tutorials to successful cases) guarantees an easy and enjoyable release and use of the platform.

User segmentation

MyNet offers the opportunity to segment users on the platform into predefined groups, allowing the managers to convey content and documents to a targeted audience. This segmentation simplifies the management of daily activities and improves communication, allowing staff to view and receive only content that may be of their interest or need.


MyNet, in addition to being an intuitive and easy-to-use App, overcomes language barriers becoming a solution accessible to all. No manual changes needed: the App adapts by default to the language set on users’ devices, and the Back Office does the same according to the language of the web browser.

Shared developments

MyNet periodically organises workshops to gather the companies that use the platform and want to share and listen to best practices and advice. Thus, MyNet’s network creates the perfect environment to share new ideas, starting points and experiences that allow the entire network’s growth while fostering a healthy and productive work environment.

All-in-one solution

MyNet is the all-in-one solution that allows companies to employ a single tool with multiple functions to simplify everyone’s daily life. Through the Back Office, managers can monitor the company situation in real-time and better coordinate activities by extrapolating data when necessary.

Real-time connection

MyNet favours efficient and real-time communication, easing dialogue with employees, collaborators, and stakeholders, wherever they are.
It simplifies sharing information, news, multimedia content and texts and stores files safely. Through the Back Office, managers can monitor if and when employees have viewed a specific document. All in real-time.

Team building

MyNet is the ideal tool to concretely implement internal Marketing and Employer-branding activities and encourage a cohesive team. The platform allows to improve the communication and increase interaction between colleagues, collaborators, and managers. The goal is to create an environment aimed at motivating, listening and making everyone feel an integral and active part of the company.

Reviews about MyNet

Since 2018, more and more business teams rely on MyNet to organize and simplify their work.

As a group of companies with about 400 people located in 7 offices, MyNet represents for us a tool capable of connecting all employees, making them feel part of a single reality. With MyNet we can inform all employees “in real time” about company objectives, successes, challenges, communicate useful news and involve them in various internal activities. The App has allowed us to optimise internal communication and is creating excellent engagement among colleagues.

Eva RotelliMarketing & Communication Manager - LEM INDUSTRIES SPA

Thanks to its characteristics, MyNet has allowed our company to carry out constant two-way communication (between company and employees) through the use of the application downloaded on the workers’ mobile phone. This has also made it possible to streamline many activities previously carried out “on-site “. Excellent customer service.

Thomas BertacchiniTraining manager - PSA SECH

Fascinated by the peculiarities that distinguish MyNet as an intra-company platform, the World Center in Trieste has chosen to use it with a much broader purpose: to connect over 300 WTCs and their associated companies around the world through a user-friendly App. All thanks to one of the features we most appreciate about MyNet and the team behind it: the flexibility to adapt to customer needs to build an international and tailor-made environment, one of a kind.

Leonardo MonnielloDigital Marketing Specialist - World Trade Center Trieste

Using the MyNet App, Dynamo Camp manages to simplify the procedures for managing Human Resources, speed up communication
between colleagues and facilitate the sharing of information between the different areas of the Foundation. MyNet supports us in our continuous path of development and improvement.

Giulia RotelliJunior HR Specialist - Dynamo Camp non-profit Foundation

Who chose MyNet


Mynet’s story is rich with key milestones

01 April 2017

MyNet technology arises upon Biofarma Spa’s request

Biofarma Spa requires a custom tool to manage Internal Communication and employee absences. MyNet was born with a Back Office and a first Web App version consisting of three modules: News Feed, Chat and Ticket HR.

06 September 2018

Roncadin Spa requires new features and the Web App develops accordingly

Roncadin Spa joins MyNet’s project requesting new custom features that lead to modules: Cabinet, Links, Gamification, Car sharing, Time bank, Survey, Events and Training, Charity projects.

16 October 2018

The number of companies interested in MyNet increases

San Marco Benessere adheres to the project identifying MyNet as the ideal technology to simplify work processes. Therefore, MyNet’s network expands and includes now three customers.

05 November 2018

The desire to grow leads MyNet to participate in a European Competition Announcement

Some interventions are necessary to improve the product’s stability and performance and ensure the project’s scalability. The CEO decides to submit MyNet to a European call.

01 February 2019

Win of the European Competition Announcement and new fundings

The winnings of the European Competition Announcement guarantee investments in research, development, tests and improvement of the platform.
The project gets more stable, and the team plans new and quicker set-up and release procedures.

06 March 2019

The new platform attracts additional customers

MyNet closes negotiations to acquire new customers for the newly improved platform that is now more stable and complete. The Web Abb becomes available on the official iOS and Android stores.

07 January 2020

Satisfied customers ask for new custom functionalities

The latest set-up and release procedures are confirmed as quick and straightforward, and the App’s stability decreases the support needed by customers. Customers ask for further customisations that turn into new features and modules available for the entire network of companies. The number of customers increases and so do negotiations.

17 June 2020

MyNet becomes a multilingual tool, and the second phase of development begins

The platform becomes multilingual to meet the needs of the companies who wish to offer the platform to their staff employed in foreign headquarters. The second phase of developments leads to new modules: Booking and Time keeper.

16 September 2020

New partnerships and investors’ interest

MyNet broadens its horizons and tries to fit into the public administration.
Boost Heroes and other venture capitalists are interested in the platform’s technology, thus allowing MyNet to start negotiations with new investors.

10 November 2020

Benefit Corporation

MyNet becomes a Benefit Corporation and starts offering valuable service to the community in full compliance with the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations.

30 November 2020

End of the development phase

MyNet reaches its final form. The main goal is now to improve the functionalities of the platform to make it an increasingly competitive software.

01 January 2021

International exposure

MyNet opens up to the foreign market with its first international client, the World Trade Centre.