The recruitment forms

  • Create an unlimited number of forms dedicated to the recruitment of collaborators 
  • Design different forms for each category of employees to be hired (floor staff, administrative, production chain, sales agents, etc.) 
  • Organize the forms into sections and add single, multiple, and open questions or a request to upload a specific media 
  • Send automated recap emails when filling in the forms 
  • Segment users to let managers and Head of Departments fill in only those forms related to their area 
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Access to documents of new collaborators

  • Let manager access candidates’ information 
  • Monitor in real-time the flow of the recruitment process and its documents 
  • File onboarding documents and data and make them easily accessible to those who need them  
  • Offer candidates an innovative onboarding experience tailored to their role and stop printing and scanning documents  
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A structured recruitment process

  • Create a digital experience for the candidate uploading dedicated videos, FAQs, and various documents in the App 
  • Make it easier to share and fill in modules to complete the recruitment phase 
  • Digitize and make remote-friendly recruitment processes 
  • Send users document that needs to be sing using Cabinet (contracts, privacy policy, etc.) 
  • Take advance of the FEs/FEA legal signature options 
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MyNet's customer use it to

  • Simplify the management of the bureaucratic aspects related to the Onboarding process 
  • Keep track of the various hiring processes in progress 
  • Digitize and simplify the collection of user information during the recruitment phase 
  • Digitize the sending of documents to be signed 
  • Have the documents necessary for employment signed electronically with legal value 
  • Create an automated onboarding flow through questionnaires, documents to view or sign, and training content before signing the contract 
  • Integrate Onboarding with the recruiting and HR management platforms 
  • Offer a perfect onboarding process to customers and members