Survey in one minute

Is the survey a long and fruitless practice?


Survey encourages staff involvement and engagement in the company by replacing traditional questionnaires with a digital version to fill in on the App. Through the Back Office, administrators can customise each survey choosing the number and type of questions and possible answers.
It is possible to schedule in advance a plan to publish surveys and target them to specific teams. Administrators can monitor answers and participation percentage in real-time through analytic charts available on the Back Office.

Total survey customization

  • Create ad hoc surveys to target specific groups 
  • Personalize your questionnaires with questions allowing for true or false, multiple choice, or open answers (with photo upload request as well) 
  • Add required fields and optional questions to the questionnaire 
  • Notify users of the presence of a new survey to fill in
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Programming and engagement

  • Segment employees into teams to share targeted surveys 
  • Survey interest before organizing new internal training courses or measure the level of general preparation to structure the program 
  • Plan the publication of each survey 
  • Notify users with a push notification when a new survey addressed to them is ready to be filled in 
  • File surveys and make them accessible via App as needed 
  • Reach all users with certainty with a simple click and receive feedback within 48 hours from more than 50% of the company’s communities 
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Feedback Analysis

  • Collect feedback anonymously or explicitly 
  • Archive responses and monitor the compiling percentage from the Back Office 
  • Let the App create automatic analytical tables for the administrators associated with the surveys 
  • Send automated summarizing e-mail to employees with their answers  
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The Back Office

  • Create an infinite number of totally customizable surveys with titles, subtitles, descriptions, and thank-you messages 
  • Share surveys with the whole company or specific groups of users depending on location, department, role, etc. 
  • Use open-ended, single-choice, or multiple-choice questions and set the types of answers 
  • Add surveys to a specific time validity 
  • Check results and statistics in real-time  
  • Extract data in Xls format 
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Back Office with Survey module and creation of a new survey for employees


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Evaluate the corporate climate with an ad hoc survey 
  • Monitor the opinions of staff employed in individual departments 
  • Engage employees 
  • Measure the degree of customer satisfaction with the services and/or products offered 
  • Identify the needs and desires of employees to better plan the corporate welfare plan 
  • Assess people’s soft skills to plan the most suitable training plan 
  • Verify the level of learning and/or satisfaction with the training courses carried out 
  • Send questionnaires about job satisfaction 
  • Connect the platform to third-party software dedicated to sentiment, performance, or other analysis