Survey in one minute

Is the survey a long and fruitless practice?


Survey encourages staff involvement and engagement in the company by replacing traditional questionnaires with a digital version to fill in on the App. Through the Back Office, administrators can customise each survey choosing the number and type of questions and possible answers.
It is possible to schedule in advance a plan to publish surveys and target them to specific teams. Administrators can monitor answers and participation percentage in real-time through analytic charts available on the Back Office.

Different question and answer options

  • The surveys are entirely customisable in their question number
  • Administrators can personalise the texts according to specific needs
  • Each survey can have both compulsory and optional questions
  • While creating the survey, administrators can choose the answer options between open, single or multiple choice
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Planning and involvement

  • Administrators can segment users into groups and share surveys with targeted teams
  • It is possible to schedule a publication calendar for the surveys
  • Push notifications signal the presence of newly uploaded questionnaires to fill in
  • Each user can consult its surveys on the App
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Result analysis

  • Users can answer in an explicit or anonymous way according to the administrator’s choice
  • The Back Office stores the answers allowing administrators to check the participation percentage
  • Each survey results in an automatic analytic chart stored and displayed on the Back Office
  • Users receive an automatic email summarizing their answer to the questionnaire
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The Back Office

  • It is possible to create an unlimited number of customised digital surveys with title, subtitle, description and thank-you message to share with the entire organisation or specific groups of users
  • Different question types (open, single choice or multiple choice) and various answer options available
  • It is possible to create surveys giving them temporal validity
  • The results of each survey are displayed anonymously
  • Data can be extracted in xls format
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Back Office with Survey module and creation of a new survey for employees


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Check the company climate with ad hoc surveys
  • Consider the individual opinions of staff employed in different departments
  • Measure customer satisfaction on specific products or services
  • Identify staff needs and desires to plan valuable employee welfare benefits
  • Learn about personnel’s soft skills to program training courses
  • Verify the learning and satisfaction level following a course
  • Share questionnaires on job satisfaction