Time donations for a good deed

  • Create customized charity projects and activities from the Back Office with titles, images, and additional information 
  • Allow your staff to get involved in a charity cause by donating their working hours 
  • Let employees browse through the list of active company charity projects from the App 
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Real-time progress summary

  • Allow each user to check their global donated hours’ history for each charitable activity  
  • Let everyone keep track of the total amount of hours donated to each project from the App 
  • Grant managers the chance to access the real-time summary through the Back Office 
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Increase CSR through collaboration

  • Increase the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility by partaking in socially relevant activities 
  • Support employee cohesion and a sense of unity  
  • Demonstrate with concrete actions the company mission 
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The Back Office

  • Create charity projects with titles, descriptions, images, time-limit, etc. 
  • Have a clear overview of the number of hours donated to each project 
  • Export data in csv and xls
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MyNet Back Office with Charity projects module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Activate charity projects associated with ONLUS and non-profit organizations, even those identified by MyNet as a Benefit Company 
  • Participate in charitable activities considered relevant by staff (identified through an ad hoc questionnaire created with Surveys) 
  • Collect funds to be donated to the local children’s library  
  • Organize direct actions involving staff during work shifts 
  • Increase the relevance of the corporate image in the eyes of external realities 
  • Strengthen corporate identity