An hour for a good deed

  • Through the Back Office, it is possible to create personalised charity projects and activities adding titles, photos and additional information
  • Each user can take an active part with the donation of working hours
  • The list of corporate charity projects is always available on the App
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Follow the progress in real-time

  • Each charity activity displays the global number of received working hours
  • Each user can check its total number of donated hours on the App
  • The summary of total donated hours is always available to administrators through the Back Office
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The collaboration that improves CSR

  • Participation in activities of social relevance improves Corporate Social Responsibility significantly
  • The presence of common causes and goals results in pride of belonging and team cohesiveness
  •  It allows the company to highlight the corporate mission
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The Back Office

  • Each charitable projects can be described using the fields related to title, description, image, start and end dates
  • It is possible to visualise the number of hours donated to each single activated project
  • Data can be exported in csv and xls
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MyNet Back Office with Charity projects module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Get involved in charitable projects associated with the non-profit organisations MyNet supports as Benefit Corporation
  • Commit to charitable projects and activities chosen by the staff (revealed analysing the answers to the questionnaire created for the occasion with Survey)
  • Fundraise for the children section of the local library
  • Organise practical activities during work shifts and involve the staff in the cleaning of the local playground
  • Improve the corporate image value in the eyes of external realities
  • Strengthen the corporate identity