Chat in one minute

Is there a faster alternative to emails and to the intranet for professional communications?


Chat makes business communications efficient and quick through an intuitive graphic interface structures as the most common instant messaging apps. The communication through MyNet is safe and agile, and each company holds its data property. Through the Back Office, it is possible to create bidirectional or read-only group chats among selected users to support an effective exchange between colleagues and managers. With Chat, the multimedia content shared among users is automatically stored in the Gallery. 

The intranet in your pocket

  • Guarantee your company a corporate messaging system that respects privacy and data ownership 
  • Replace the traditional corporate intranet with a mobile version 
  • Help people use the Corporate App as a unique and secure communication tool for every business-related communication 
  • Improve people’s daily working life by making it easier for managers and subordinates to communicate 
  • Use a familiar tool that works exactly like the most common messaging apps 
  • Offer employees an alternative communication tool that decreases the number of emails 
  • Send push notifications in the corporate App to notify users of new messages 
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Private conversation groups

  • Create discussion groups and chat organized by topic, role, site, or project. 
  • Create open chats in which all users can intervene or read-only chats to convey targeted content 
  • Add and delete users within groups whenever necessary  
  • Encourage communication between people of the same role 
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Multimedia messages and automatic Gallery

  • View the users included in each chat 
  • Send push notifications for new messages 
  • Send multimedia messages with audio, images, presentations, and other formats 
  • Access the automatic gallery to locate multimedia content shared in each chat 
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The Back Office

  • Create open chats, in which users can interact with each other, or read-only chats, to convey content  
  • Select an image and create a title for each group 
  • Define the users per chat and delete them when necessary  
  • Integrate Chat with Teams, offering the manager the opportunity to interact with colleagues who do not work at the PC
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Back Office with Chat module and the list of group chats created by administrators


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Create chats between managers and subordinates 
  • Simplify the exchange of information between salespeople through a dedicated chat 
  • Promote the quick resolution of daily problems by creating a chat reserved for personnel employed in the same department 
  • Easily manage teamwork through an internal chat dedicated to collaborators and employees engaged in a specific project 
  • Communicate with external collaborators without asking for their mobile number 
  • Activate temporary chats to organize upcoming events 
  • Enable the spontaneous sharing of skills and experiences among colleagues 
  • Define a direct communication channel between the organization and its internal and external community 
  • Create broadcast chats to update sales figures in a simple and effective way