Chat in one minute

Is there a faster alternative to emails and to the intranet for professional communications?


Chat makes business communications efficient and quick through an intuitive graphic interface structures as the most common instant messaging apps. The communication through MyNet is safe and agile, and each company holds its data property. Through the Back Office, it is possible to create bidirectional or read-only group chats among selected users to support an effective exchange between colleagues and managers. With Chat, the multimedia content shared among users is automatically stored in the Gallery. 

The corporate intranet in the pocket

  • This alternative communication system reduces the number of emails
  • It replaces the traditional corporate intranet with a mobile-friendly version that better fits employers needs
  • The Corporate App becomes the only communication tool for business chats
  • The direct communication between managers and staff significantly improves the everyday work life
  • Both graphic interface and user experience resemble those of the most common messaging apps
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Private conversation groups

  • Through the Back Office, it is possible to create personalised conversation groups
  • Each chat can be open so that every added user can participate or read-only to convey targeted content
  • Every team chat can be edited to add or remove users as needed
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Multimedia messages and automatic Gallery

  • Every chat displays its added users
  • Push notifications signal the presence of new messages
  • The messages can be both text and multimedia content as voice notes, pictures, pdf and other formats
  • Chat comes with an automatic Gallery where users can easily find and consult every shared file
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The Back Office

  • Two types of chats are available: open chats, allowing interaction among users, or read-only chats with which to convey the contents entered by the administrators through the Back Office
  • Each chat can be displayed with a preset title and image
  • Users participating in a chat can be defined and changed at any time
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Back Office with Chat module and the list of group chats created by administrators


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Create chats between managers and subordinates
  • Ease the communication and sharing information among sales agents through a dedicated chat
  • Faster daily problem solving through group chats gathering staff employed in the same department
  • Effectively manage teamwork through group chats among employees and independent contractors working on the same project
  • Hold a conversation with employees and independent contractors without asking them their private phone number
  • Create temporary group chats to plan upcoming events
  • Support a spontaneous sharing of expertise and knowledge among colleagues