Gamification in one minute

Is it possible to foster healthy competitiveness in the workplace?


Gamification permits to encourage the frequent and efficient use of the Corporate App by starting a healthy competition among colleagues. Each action on the App allows staff to earn points according to the Back Office’s arrangements and participate in the game. Gamification is the ideal Module for employees who want to compete, rise in ranking and win additional corporate benefits set by the company.

Game and awards in the workplace

  • Employ the logic of the games and the reward system (with an associated incentive plan) to encourage user engagement 
  • Create a working environment based on healthy competition between colleagues 
  • Add in an initial disclaimer and an incentive plan customizable from the Back Office 
  • Encourage the adoption of positive behaviors for the organization by rewarding people based on the objectives set 
  • Increase word of mouth among users by stimulating the use of the tool 
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To each action, its score

  • Define prizes reserved for those who use the App at the most 
  • Let employees access the incentive plan linked to the associated with the ranking system 
  • Associate each action on the App with a different score and reward the most virtuous actions 
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For those who want to participate

  • Engage employees with push notifications to remind them about the ranking 
  • Allow people to check the monthly and yearly ranking within the App 
  • Grant employees the chance to choose whether they want to participate or not 
  • Promote a sense of belonging and encourage the use of the platform 
  • Reward users who use a tool that combines different business processes and eliminates waste 
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The Back Office

  • Define and set a disclaimer visible in the App 
  • Add documents such as the incentive plan or the regulation associated with the rankings 
  • Edit the scoring system linked to the actions performed on the App and draw up the monthly and annual rankings 
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MyNet Back Office with Gamification module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Encourage the use of the App and limit and/or eliminate other less effective forms of communication 
  • Show consideration and appreciation for your employees by rewarding their actions within the App 
  • Offer additional benefits of general interest (identified through an ad hoc questionnaire created with Survey) 
  • Encourage peer-to-peer learning by associating high scores with the use of Time Bank 
  • Stimulate participation in corporate life by rewarding actions performed on News Feed 
  • Promote the optimal management of company resources by associating high scores with the use of Booking