Cabinet in one minute

Does the company have so many documents that it gets difficult to organize and store them?


Cabinet is the perfect digital space where to share and store any corporate document. Through the Back Office, administrators can create topic folders, limit access to specific pre-established users and administrators and monitor the individual file opening. Employees and independent contractors will be able to consult every document both on the App and their desktop.

Digital filing of business documents

  • Create thematic of by-occasion folders and give them a title and a brief description 
  • Let staff access their private folder, created by default  
  • Segment and share folders and files with the whole company, specific groups, or specific users 
  • Guaranteed privacy on sensitive data by limiting access to folders to specific administrators 
  • Archive and make company documents easily accessible (pay slips, ethical company code, internal procedures, privacy or security policies, training certificates, etc.) 
  • Create a digital space for people to access and fill in forms 
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Filling in the forms

  • Upload documents with the bulk upload option to optimize time 
  • Share texts and multimedia files such as excels, images, and presentations 
  • Let users fill in the forms directly within the App  
  • Notify users in real-time with push notifications whenever a new file has been uploaded 
  • Let people access documents from anywhere and at any time, both from the App and from the desktop 
  • Ask employees to fill in forms to collect data, reports, feedback, etc. 
  • Create forms to use as daily work reports 
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Signature and traceability

  • Let users sign documents with the eIDAS-certified simple electronic signature (FES) 
  • Ask users to certify the document acknowledgment and sign 
  • Monitor, from the Back Office, whether staff has opened and/or signed shared documents  
  • Export the lists of users who have filled in a specific form or opened/signed a document 
  • Solicite acknowledgment by sending users a push notification about a specific document 
  • Convey documents, even when managed by third-party software through exposed APIs: MyNet retrieves and shares the documentation, allows for electronic signatures, and communicates changes to the original software
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The Back Office

  • Create unlimited customized folders to share with the whole company, specific groups, or individual users 
  • Opt for bulk upload to ensure file archiving in individual folders created by default, for each user, by the system 
  • Manage access to every single folder by granting different people different levels of permission 
  • Associate documents with a pop-up reading confirmation or signature box  
  • Ask users to sign documents with a legally valid signature (FES or FEA) 
  • Monitor the list of users who have opened, confirmed, or sign the files within the App (with info on the date and time of the operation) 
  • Create and share an unlimited number of forms that can be filled in from the App with a possible request for the user’s final signature 
  • Check the summary with all the answers accompanied by name and surname, printable in pdf, and send email notification for each new compilation 
  • Create zip files and distribute them to everyone with one click 
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MyNet Back Office with Cabinet module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Share pay slips with single users through a single bulk upload 
  • Store and share estimates, contracts, price lists, etc. 
  • Ask employees to sign contracts with a legally valid electronic signature (FES and FEA)  
  • File the Privacy Policy and request users’ signature 
  • Replace paper intervention slips with a digital solution 
  • Share security protocols and internal procedures 
  • Broadcast behavioral handbooks and company regulations 
  • Keep the minutes of the Board of Directors 
  • Create forms concerning bureaucratic communications and let users fill them in within the App 
  • Share rules for revenue targets and rewards 
  • Segment access to documents according to roles 
  • Share work plans organized by teams