How the release works

The release occurs in steps and takes into account the importance of human connections. MyNet’s team chooses a qualified consultant who gets in touch with the company and provides a 360° assistance based on the customers’ needs. The consultant offers custom-made support to the company according to the specific work pace, allowing the customer to become familiar with the tool. 

At the conclusion of the release, the consultant stays in touch with the customer to respond to any future need and offer further consultation.
The company becomes part of MyNet’s network, sharing best practices, feedback and new developments with the other companies part of the network.

Fill out the document on customisations

Upon signing the contract, MyNet forwards the document on customisations to the customer to collect necessary information and data for the release. This document represents the identity card of the company and includes:

  • Company data
  • Logo
  • Font and colours to customise the App
  • Recap of purchased modules
  • Privacy policy and Terms of use displayed on the App

Determination of administrators of the platform

In this step, the company identifies the firsts platform’s administrators and informs MyNet by compiling an Excel file.

Thus the administrators will have immediate access to the management platform and will be able to work directly on it. 

System administrator’s training

The consultant associated with the company trains the administrators identified in the previous phase and offers advice and support on the platform concerning:

  • Users management
  • Back Office operating modes for purchased modules
  • App operating modes

Release of the platform to employees

The company compiles an Excel file to specify all its employees and independent contractors. With this file, MyNet imports users onto the platform.

Upon request, MyNet can take care of the creation of workgroups that makes it possible to organise and share content with targeted groups of users.

Continuous support

After the release, the consultant keeps in touch with the company offering ongoing support to administrators and one-to-one assistance to employees through a dedicated email.

MyNet provides further training associated with new releases and, if requested, additional advice and suggestions on how to use the platform at its best.