Booking in one minute

Can an App ease the booking of corporate spaces and resources?


Booking simplifies any activity related to the management and distribution of each corporate facility and resource available to employees. Through the Back Office, it is possible to list all the tools and spaces available and organise them into categories and sub-categories. In this way, employees can filter the list based on what they are looking for and select effortlessly the resource needed. This unique module displays the availability of each asset and eases the booking itself, allowing the users to reserve tools and spaces directly through the App.

Optimal management of corporate resources

  • The everyday use and distribution of corporate resources are optimised
  • Administrators can organise tools and spaces into categories and sub-categories
  • Each corporate resource can have its in-depth information box
  • The App displays resources with their title, description, photo, documents and other customisable fields
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Availability and booking on the App

  • Staff can easily book resources directly through the App
  • The segmentation of users allows administrators to reserve the booking of specific assets for pre-set teams
  • Employees can consult the availability of each resource on a precise date, a determined period or inserting how long they will need the resource
  • The tool automatically displays when an unavailable asset will be available again for booking
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Reminders and archived booking

  • Push notifications can be used to remind users of upcoming booking
  • The App displays to each user its upcoming, current and archived reservations
  • Through the Back Office, administrators can have the access to archived bookings
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The Back Office

  • It is possible to create an unlimited number of links by adding a label (name or description) visible on the App
  • Links can be modified or deleted at any time, according to the needs
  • Resources can be organised into categories and subcategories to be made available on the App to all users or pre-defined groups
  • Each resource allows the filling in of fields such as name and description and can be integrated with images and attachments of various kinds (eg policy or regulation)
  • The list of resources booked by users is displayed with information relating to the user’s name, start and end dates of the reservation, creation date
  • It is possible to delete users’ bookings
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Back Office with Booking and the reservation of a company asset


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Reserve company fleet, work equipment and tools
  • Optimise the booking of meeting rooms
  • Organise the corporate resources and reserve booking for predefined team
  • Allow clients to book lessons with specific teachers and related class rooms
  • Arrange the available seats in the canteen or any other room
  • Simplify employees’ procedures to book and receive the PPE
  • Manage the medical exams of the staff