Personal data, orders, activities

  • Insert customers in the registry with information relating to personal data, identification code, and e-mail address of an internal figure to whom the reporting should be sent 
  • Create individual activities that can be freely associated with one or more orders from the Back Office 
  • Organize customers with personal data (contact details, identification code, company contact person) 
  • Schedule activities and entrust them to each user 
  • Create activities to adapt to any specific need 
  • Let managers assign specific tasks to a user or a group and receive a report including photos of the work performed and reporting of the order 
  • Allow the manager to create different activities and documents for their subordinates to use (product non-compliance, post technical or maintenance intervention report, post commercial or training meeting feedback, etc.) 
  • Assign fully dynamic tasks asking for photos, geolocation, and document compiling. 
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​​Activities and projects management

  • Let users consult their activities from the App  
  • Help managers schedule activities with a visual calendar with filters by day, week, and month 
  • Add details fields to each activity with multiple choice, single, and open questions, or photo submission request 
  • Let managers treat this detailed field as an additional informational box 
  • Grant managers the chance to associate a final balance section to the activity by requesting information relating to completion, time frame, duration, and any additional note 
  • Create activity templates users can use to carry out activities not previously planned 
  • Alert managers with dedicated e-mails relating to uncompleted activities  
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Activity reports export and notifications

  • Access custom reports by user, team, time frame, customer, job order, and single activity 
  • Export data, according to the applied filters, in CSV and XLS 
  • Notify users of new tasks with push notifications 
  • Alert managers via e-mail when a scheduled activity is not completed in time  
  • Integrate the module with third-party management software already in use 
  • Customize and combine data extraction by a single user, team, specific time frame, customer, job order, and single activity 
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The Back Office

  • Associate employees and tasks to be performed 
  • Create an infinite number of activities that can be associated with one or more customers 
  • Define activity templates that can be used on multiple orders 
  • Let managers consult the list of scheduled activities of activities/users/customers  
  • Share data deriving from the use of these functions with other platforms in use in the company, such as CRM or ERP 
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Back Office with the list of posts of the News Feed Module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Verify the hours spent on a given job versus the budgeted hours 
  • Keep track of the activities performed by a given user in a specific period 
  • Monitor the progress of orders 
  • Make sure that activities are carried out on schedule 
  • Extrapolate customized reports relating to individual customers, orders and users involved