Time Keeper in one minute

Is managing the attendance of collaborators inside and outside the company possible through a single solution


Time keeper monitors attendances effectively and reliably through QR code and GPS technology. It replaces and enhances the badge usage with an alternative clock-in management system ideal for everyone, workers on the move and business missions included.
Push notifications signal any attendance anomaly simplifying their immediate resolution. Through the App for users and the Back Office for managers, it is possible to check the archived clocking.

Digital clocking with QR code and GPS

  • Through the Back Office, it is possible to create an infinite number of QR code associated with specific places or areas
  • The QR code allows clocking in simply by pointing the camera of the phone towards the physical code
  • The attendance can be signalled on the move through the GPS technology
  • The tool monitors and captures attendances and the location of each employee
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Immediate anomalies resolution

  • • Push notifications can be activated according to work shifts to signal and remind clocking
  • Any attendance anomaly is signalled in real-time and declares its type (missed or late clock in)
  • Through the Back Office, administrators can solve anomalies by submitting the correct justifications for the payroll system
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Clock in and out overview and management

  • The Back Office displays every clocking in and out
  • Every user can consult its archived clocking directly on the App
  • The Module blends in perfectly with other management software in use through available APIs
  • It optimally integrates with the Ticket HR Module
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The Back Office

  • Employees can be allowed to clock in via QR code and/or geolocation.
  • It is possible to create an unlimited number of QR codes to associate with a place on the map through latitude and longitude coordinates and allow or deny the clocking outside the metric range identified with that specific QR code
  • The addition of the employees work shifts allows the system to generate the expected clockings and automatically recognise anomalies
  • Each anomaly opens up the possibility of a private chat that allows the employee and the manager to solve the anomaly by assigning a reason
  • The clockings can be displayed and filtered according to users, teams, type of clockings (in or out), future clockings and actual clockings
  • It is possible to export data in xls and csv
  • The Module integrates with Ticket HR (if among the modules selected by the company): the approved tickets allow the system to recognise absences already approved
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Back Office with Clock in Module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Offer to smart-working employees a simple and intuitive tool to signal their presence
  • Avoid attendance anomalies associating work shifts with a reminder push notification
  • Ease the digital registration of attendances at training courses
  • Monitor the clocking in and out of sales agents visiting clients
  • Allow every employee to keep an eye on its clocking
  • Check the location and distribution of the staff in each area for safety measures
  • Consult the employees’ distribution overview, taking into account the different sites for operational purposes