Time Keeper in one minute

Is managing the attendance of collaborators inside and outside the company possible through a single solution


Time keeper monitors attendances effectively and reliably through QR code and GPS technology. It replaces and enhances the badge usage with an alternative clock-in management system ideal for everyone, workers on the move and business missions included.
Push notifications signal any attendance anomaly simplifying their immediate resolution. Through the App for users and the Back Office for managers, it is possible to check the archived clocking.

Digital clocking with QR code and GPS

  • Create an infinite number of QR codes to associate with unique places 
  • Let staff clock in and out using a physical QR code 
  • Reserve specific QR codes for predefined users 
  • Capture employee location and track attendance 
  • Offer users three different types of clocking systems: via geolocated QR code, via GPS, or PC 
  • Allow users to clock in with a geolocalized QR code and integrate Beacon technology for further proximity controls 
  • Control digital workers’ attendance allowing them to clock in with a QR code 
  • Feed the CRM by integrating customer visit data and letting sales agents clock in via GPS 
  • Replace all physical clock-in systems 
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Immediate anomalies resolution

  • Associate push notifications with works shifts so as to remind staff to clock in 
  • Divide work days into daily shifts to consider breaks (lunch break, etc.) 
  • Control clockings anomalies in real-time with info relating to the type of anomaly (delay or missing clocking) directly in the App 
  • Allow administrators to solve anomalies from the Back Office by assigning anomalies to their justification for the payroll system  
  • Integrate Time Keeper with Ticket HR to automatically manage any end-of-the-month anomaly 
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Clocking overview

  • Check clockings and associate them with work shifts from the Back Office 
  • Let employees consult their clockings within the App 
  • Integrate Time Keeper with existing third-party business software 
  • Integrate Time Keeper with Ticket HR 
  • Offer security managers an overview of staff’s attendance at any given moment and in any company area  
  • Offer managers the ability to manage customized tolerances on clockings 
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The Back Office

  • Enable clocking via QR code and/or geolocation for each user  
  • Create an unlimited number of QR codes associated with different places on the map via latitude and longitude coordinates and allow (or deny) the possibility to clock in outside that metric radius 
  • Enter work shifts and employee breaks to allow the system to generate expected clockings and recognize anomalies 
  • Let users chat with the managers in case of a detected anomaly to solve it  
  • Consult the clockings using filters related to specific users, teams, type of clocking (in or out), expected, and actual clockings  
  • Integrate Time Keeper with the Ticket HR Ticket: approved tickets allow the system to recognize already approved absences  
  • Integrate Time Keeper with Ticket HR and any payroll software via API, layouts, xls, or csv files 
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Back Office with Clock in Module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Offer staff on the go or smart working a digital attendance tracking system 
  • Avoid clocking anomalies by associating work shifts with a reminder notification  
  • Encourage the digital recording of attendance at training courses  
  • Monitor sales agents visiting customers 
  • Allow employees to keep track of their attendance history  
  • Check the distribution of personnel within the company spaces for security purposes  
  • Access an overview of personnel distribution on construction sites for operational purposes  
  • Associate a QR code to an order or construction site to manage time tracking by integrating data into production ERPs  
  • Integrate Time Keeper on CRM to facilitate the reporting of sales figures