Car sharing in one minute

What does it mean to optimise corporate mobility?


Car sharing is the solution to effectively manage staff and independent contractors’ movements encouraging them to share their private means of transport. Everyone can insert on the platform their scheduled journey to or from work and offer colleagues a lift, or consult the list of routes already uploaded by others. This smart mobility decreases the costs associated with business trips and daily travels and protects the environment while improving relationships among colleagues.

Flexible and tailor-made mobility

  • Organize and manage mobility according to company rhythms 
  • Let users upload their routes on the App to help them share their journey with colleagues 
  • Let staff consult the list of available travels within the App  
  • Help reduce travel-related costs 
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Customisable travel details

  • Let users add specifications associated with their route: available seats, timing, location details, etc. 
  • Make it possible for users to edit their info and delete their journey 
  • Help people communicate via email when interested in sharing their travels 
  • Let users add their mobile phone numbers to receive calls or messages from colleagues 
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Team building while protecting the environment

  • Increase sociability between employees and collaborators 
  • Reduce costs associated with travel 
  • Manage company parking lots 
  • Reduce CO2 emissions 
  • Support the adoption of virtuous green and sustainable behaviors 
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The Back Office

The module does not require any form of control or supervision by the administrators and therefore does not include a dedicated Back Office section. The module addresses those employees willing to enter their routes to the workplace and share them with colleagues. 

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Image with the Back Office Analytic main page. The Back Office, in fact, does not have a Car sharing dedicated area


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Optimize business mobility between locations 
  • Reduce travel-related costs in terms of kilometers, petrol, motorway tolls, parking, etc. 
  • Track movements between offices to plan packages and business documents’ transfer 
  • Help staff save on daily travel expenses by sharing rides with colleagues 
  • Manage the number of cars heading to locations with limited parking availability 
  • Foster team building and the creation of relationships between colleagues 
  • Let users interact privately via email, sms, or call 
  • Archive users’ inserted routes with xls export