Events and Training in one minute

Is it possible to plan activities and inform the entire company in just one click?


Events and Training simplifies the planning of every corporate activity, from training courses to meetings. Through the Back Office, it is possible to manage every single event defining their specific characteristics. Users can see the list of planned activities displayed on the App and confirm their attendance at the selected event with just one click. Administrators can manage course activities by inserting a direct link to the e-platform on the specific event.

Targeted training management

  • The planned event and training courses can be enriched with additional information: title, description, date, tutor or contact person, place, etc.
  • Each event can display a pre-set number of available spots and the minimum number of participants
  • It is possible to indicate training courses as optional or mandatory
  • The events can be one-time, recurring or require completion within a set date
  • The segmentation of users in groups allows administrators to target events or courses to specific teams
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Attendance confirmation on the App

  • Push notifications signal the presence of newly uploaded events and courses
  • The App displays the list of scheduled activities
  • Users can confirm their attendance directly through the App
  • Push notifications can be used to remind users of pending events that still require confirmation
  • After the confirmation, users receive an automatic email summarising the details of the event
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Direct links to e-learning platforms

  • Direct links to e-learning platforms can be added to each course-sheet
  • Teaching and informational material can be optionally attached to the course-sheet
  • Through the Back Office, it is possible to include satisfaction surveys to events or courses
  • The list of employees registered in the initiatives remain up-to-date, and administrators can export it through the Back Office
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The Back Office

  • It is possible to create an unlimited number of events and training courses
  • Each event and course can be defined by filling in the fields associated with a title, description, available seats, possible barring clause, duration in hours, place, reference website, generalities of the speaker, teaching material etc.
  • Courses and events can be organised in categories so as allow users to use filters while consulting the list on the App
  • Events and training courses can be targeted to all users or exclusively to specific groups
  • It is possible to make the courses mandatory for some users and to send push notifications to solicit their participation
  • The list of enrollments is always displayed in real-time and stored while data can be exported if needed
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Back Office with Events and training and the creation of a new event for employees


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Manage the compulsory and optional training plan
  • Schedule meetings
  • Organise mandatory medical exams
  • Ease the access to external e-platforms through direct links in the descriptions of the courses
    Simplify the delivery and reception of required informative material of each course
  • Keep real-time track of attendance confirmations
  • Plan corporate dinners
  • Remind staff and managers of upcoming activities through push notifications