Events and Training in one minute

Is it possible to plan activities and inform the entire company in just one click?


Events and Training simplifies the planning of every corporate activity, from training courses to meetings. Through the Back Office, it is possible to manage every single event defining their specific characteristics. Users can see the list of planned activities displayed on the App and confirm their attendance at the selected event with just one click. Administrators can manage course activities by inserting a direct link to the e-platform on the specific event.

Targeted corporate training management

  • Plan seminars, meetings, and training courses that are mandatory, optional, or with a specifically limited enrollment  
  • Define the number of available places and/or participants per course 
  • Differentiate between single, recurring, and/or to be completed by a specific date events 
  • Segment users and plan targeted events and courses aimed at groups and teams 
  • Remind users and managers of the expiry date of specific certificates with dedicated notifications
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Attendance confirmation within the App

  • Associate push notifications to each event and/or course upload  
  • Let users access the list of events and courses available  
  • Allow users to confirm their participation from the App and track their presence 
  • Solicit users who have not yet confirmed their participation with push notifications  
  • Send an automatic summary email to confirm the registration of the attendance request 
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Direct links to e-learning platforms

  • Add each course the link to access the e-learning platform  
  • Offer internal training content on products, working methods, work activities, etc. 
  • Associate each course with a questionnaire to ask for feedback 
  • Access and export the list of users who registered for the event/course from the Back Office 
  • Manage mandatory and non-mandatory training in person or by integrating with the LMS (e-learning) or performance management platform 
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The Back Office

  • Create an infinite number of events and training courses 
  • Describe each event/course with a title, description, number of available places, duration, speakers’ contact details, learning material, etc. 
  • Associate each event/course with a specific category to help users filter the list 
  • Create events open to the entire company or targeted to specific groups 
  • Create mandatory courses and send push notifications to request users’ participation 
  • Visualize and export the list of enrolled users 
  • Let the organizing secretariat have a clear overview of attendance 
  • Organize and let users consult the list of refresher courses according to their role in the company 
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Back Office with Events and training and the creation of a new event for employees


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Manage the compulsory and non-mandatory training plan 
  • Schedule meetings 
  • Schedule and receive confirmation of attendance at medical appointments or corporate events 
  • Allow easy access to e-learning platforms within the single course 
  • Help users access the learning material associated with each course 
  • Track participation confirmations in real time 
  • Plan corporate dinners 
  • Remind staff and managers of their training plan  
  • Be sure of the renewal of certifications for mandatory training 
  • Create always-accessible tutorials to help users in their daily working life