FAQ and customer support

How does MyNet work? Can I download it on my smartphone? How long does it take to receive the App?

Here is a collection of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need any additional information, do not esistite to contact MyNet.


Is it possible to use Mynet with employees in locations outside Italy?

Yes, Mynet is present in all reference stores for Android and iOS


Are different time zones managed?

Yes, Mynet can automatically identify and manage different time zones by reporting hourly differences according to the band.


Can I send welcome emails and password recovery in a different language to some of the users?

Yes, from the Back Office you can select the language with which to send the first emails of the system used to activate users. After the first activation, the system recognises the language set by users on their device.


In what languages is the platform available?

Mynet platform is multilingual and adapts to the needs of its users. It is available in Italian, English and Spanish, and changes automatically depending on the language set on users’ devices. t. If the language set on the device is not among those available on the platform, MyNet is preset to use the English language. (eg.: if an employee has the device in Chinese, Mynet will be in English. If an employee has the device set in Italian, Mynet will be in Italian).

Assistance and support

How long before I get a response from the assistance?

Usually, requests are processed in 2 working days. In some cases, the resolution of specific problems may be delayed if the technical department is involved or maintenance is required on the system.

Assistance and support

How do I contact MyNet’s support team?

Mynet assistance is always available through the form to be filled in within the App (or you can write to the support address assistenza@appmynet.it. Our assistance is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 18.00.

Assistance and support

Do I have to pay to receive MyNet’s support and assistance?

No, the customer support is included in the monthly fee associated with administrators in the Back Office and users of the App.

Assistance and support

What does MyNet’s support do?

MyNet’s support assists users dealing with technical problems and offers support on the daily use of the App. Managers can also rely on a qualified consultant who will follow the entire business process while suggesting ideas and sharing some best cases to help managers effectively use the tool.

Integration with other platforms

Is it possible to export data from MyNet?

Yes, depending on the modules, you can export files with data in csv and Excel.

Integration with other platforms

Does MyNet integrate with other software (such as page systems, management systems, WordPress, etc.)?

Yes, MyNet has REST API available for the Modules: News Feed, Cabinet, Ticket HR, Time keeper and Events and Training.
In principle, it is always possible to evaluate other types of synchronisation following a dedicated technical consultation.

Activation, customisation and release

Is it possible for the company to import pre-owned employees’ data?

Yes, it is possible to enter the employee records massively with a CSV file. Otherwise, it is possible to evaluate an ad hoc synchronisation with other management systems already in use.

Activation, customisation and release

Do I need specific computer skills to use Mynet?

No, Mynet is easy and intuitive for both managers using the Back Office and employees using the App. However, MyNet guarantees constant support and assistance to both managers and end-users of the App.

Activation, customisation and release

Who is in charge of the first configuration?

The first configurations are made directly by the MyNet Project Manager associated with the company. The company will then be ready to manage the toll in full autonomy while benefit from the constant help and support offered by its MyNet consultant.

Activation, customisation and release

How does the release work?

Mynet supports companies assigning each of them a qualified consultant who is in charge with:

  • collecting data for graphical customizations
  • setting up and configuring permissions for the administrators
  • offer training on the use of the instrument
  • support the company when entering into the platform and activating users
  • guaranteeing assistance throughout the entire use of the tool

Activation, customisation and release

How long does it take to have my own custom Mynet App?

The App can be configured and activated in 1 working day.
It is possible to immediately enter users into the platform, allowing them to download the App from their Store (Android or iOS) and use it straight away.

Activation, customisation and release

What are the customisable features of MyNet?

  • Back Office web access address
  • Modules to activate that are displayed in the menu in the App and Back Office
  • Administrative permissions for each module
  • Colours and backgrounds within the App
  • Logo inside the App
  • Font of the App
  • Company data visible within the App
  • Privacy Policy visible in the App by users
  • Terms of use visible in the App by users

Activation, customisation and release

How do the activation phase and release of the platform work?

The release and following introduction of the platform in the company occur after the sign of the contract. MyNet, in this phase, offers training to the administrator, help to the users assisting them during the activation of the platform and support to the managers in the most efficient use of the tool to optimise their daily work.

Price, contracts and number of employees

How do I pay for the service?

The customers correspond to Mynet two different costs with pre-established methods:

  • INITIAL SET-UP: by bank transfer, at the time of the platform’s release
  • MONTHLY FEE (license + cloud): by RI.BA in the terms agreed at the time of signature of the contract.

Price, contracts and number of employees

What is the duration of the contract?

The contract is valid for 1 year from the date of signature. It is expected the tacit renewal of another 2 years at each subsequent expiry.

Price, contracts and number of employees

Is it possible to vary the number of users inside Mynet during use?

Yes. Through the Back Office, the company and organisation’s managers can enter new users as they like. MyNet does not have a maximum number of users, and managers can autonomously add new ones according to their needs. The responsible figures can easily add new users, disable old ones who have ceased their collaboration while real-time checking the number of active users. Also, each company can adjust the business plan according to the total number of users consulting the price list for companies with up to 50 employees or for companies with more than 50 employees.

Price, contracts and number of employees

How many people can I manage with Mynet?

There is no limit to the number of employees and collaborators that can be entered into the platform. The only thing that changes is the monthly costs to be paid to Mynet that varies according to the number of users.

For further information, see the question “How much does MyNet cost?”.

Price, contracts and number of employees

How much does MyNet cost? Does the cost vary depending on the number of employees using it?

MyNet offers two solutions, one for companies with up to 50 employees and one for companies with more than 50 employees.
There is a set-up charge on activation and a monthly fee depending on the number of users entered into the platform.
In particular:
SET.UP: initial activation cost that you pay one-off. It varies according to the number of modules you choose. Each module has its own activation cost.
MONTHLY FEE SOFTWARE LICENSE: varies according to the number of modules chosen and the number of users entered into the platform. It is calculated per employee/month.
CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE FEE: varies according to the number of modules chosen and is calculated per employee/month.
For more information, you can consult the price lists for companies with up to 50 employees and companies with more than 50 employees.

Target companies

What kind of companies does MyNet target?

Mynet is suitable for all companies and organisations that want to engage their employees with effective Internal Communication and/or manage the communication towards customer groups or suppliers. Being very flexible and fully customisable in its functionalities, MyNet finds no application limits. For more information, please contact us via email or using the live chat on this site. A member of the MyNet’ team will answer all your questions while showing how the tool can be used to meet every business’s needs.

General info

How does Mynet work?

Mynet is a management platform that consists of an App dedicated to employees, collaborators or customers, which integrates with a Back Office reserved to those who administer the content within the App (persons responsible within the company or organisation). The App is available for all iOS and Android devices; the Back Office is available for all administrators thanks to a custom URL address agreed upon when signing the contract. The platform has a modular structure that makes it a highly customisable tool with multiple functionalities. Each module has specific functionalities. The companies can choose, among the available modules, the ones of interest that will then be displayed within the App and Back Office.

General info

Come si accede all’App o al Back Office?

An email address and a password are required to log in.
The company or the organisation has to register their users (with first name, last name, mail and possibly telephone). It is not possible to sign up autonomously from this site. Normally the company or the organisation records the employees’ emails, together with the emails of collaborators or any other person who will need to access the MyNet App or Back Office. If the company does not take charge of the registration, employees can be asked to fill in a dedicated form. Their data will then need to be validated and authorised by the company. In any case, it is NOT POSSIBLE TO SIGN UP ON MYNET’S WEBSITE. When the company or organisation registers the email address, users receive a welcome email with the instructions needed to set their password and then log in to the App or Back Office.

General info

Do I have to install software to use the Back Office for administrators?

NO. The Back Office is an area reserved for administrators, and with it, the company can manage the contents visible on the App. It is available through a URL, and administrators can log in using any browser, both from mobile and desktop (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.).