Time bank in one minute

Is there a perfect union of ongoing education and team building?


Time bank is ideal for supporting knowledge and know-how sharing in the company. Each employee and independent contractor can freely define on the App the number of hours they want to offer to their colleagues in view of a helpful expertise exchange. With Time bank, the company favours a spontaneous peer-to-peer education that results in team-building and corporate cohesion.

Skills exchange

  • Let employees offer colleagues a course on a topic of their choice to share skills, associated or not with the job 
  • Allow people to customize the offered courses by defining titles, additional descriptions, time-frames, and hour duration 
  • Grant course authors the possibility to edit the course details
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Team building

  • Let people consult the total amount of hours donated to the training activity 
  • Facilitate team building  
  • Gran manager the possibility to Supervision and mediation of managers and the possibility to delete unapproved courses from the Back Office 
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Peer training

  • Let people consult the list of active courses within the App 
  • Help your employees contact each other via e-mail to chat about the specific course 
  • Allow employees to add personal info such as phone numbers and be contacted via call or text. 
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The Back Office

The module is used and dedicated to the employees willing to learn new skills and share their knowledge with colleagues. Through the Back Office, administrators can: 

  • View donations and courses created by employees to see if they fit the company policy 
  • Delete courses deemed non-compliant with company policy 
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Back Office with Time bank and employees' courses


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Offer free training thanks to the collaboration of the staff 
  • Encourage the transmission of skills from retiring staff to new hires 
  • Replace the figure of the professional teacher in favor of peer training 
  • Enable employees to learn specific skills offered by external collaborators 
  • Improve employee knowledge of operations taking place in other departments 
  • Offer moments of leisure outside working hours in which personnel share skills of general interest 
  • Encourage the creation of language courses thanks to the foreign native-speaking staff 
  • Support team building