Time bank in one minute

Is there a perfect union of ongoing education and team building?


Time bank is ideal for supporting knowledge and know-how sharing in the company. Each employee and independent contractor can freely define on the App the number of hours they want to offer to their colleagues in view of a helpful expertise exchange. With Time bank, the company favours a spontaneous peer-to-peer education that results in team-building and corporate cohesion.

Expertise exchange

  • Each user can offer colleagues a personal themed course strictly related or unrelated to the business
  • The lecturer of a course can edit and add title, additional description, time range and the total number of hours dedicated to the course
  • Users can edit the details of their course on the App when needed
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Team building

  • Each user can check its total number of donated hours on the App
  • It naturally benefits team building
  • Through the Back Office, managers can supervise, mediate and delete courses if needed
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Peer-to-peer learning

  • The App displays the list of active courses
  • Users can have direct contact via email with colleagues who offer courses of interest
  • Staff can add a phone number allowing colleagues to call or text if needed
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The Back Office

The module counts on the direct staff participation and, therefore, is dedicated to employees who use it directly on the App. In fact, people can donate their time by deciding the topic they want to address and their hourly availability. Administrators, through the Back Office, can though:

  • View donations created by employees to verify their relevance with company policy
  • Delete courses deemed non-compliant with the company policy
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Back Office with Time bank and employees' courses


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Offer free training courses with the collaboration of the staff
  • Allow employees to pass down their knowledge and experience to recruits before retirement
  • Replace the traditional teaching method with an effective peer-to-peer learning method
  • Let employees learn the expertise of independent contractors
  • Increase the knowledge associated with other departments’ operativity
  • Provide time for leisure outside working hours allowing staff to share skills of general interest
  • Encourage the creation of foreign language courses with the cooperation of native speakers
  • Support team building