Links in one minute

Does the job require the use of multiple platforms, each one with a different password?


Links makes it easy to access platforms, software, and management systems used by the company. Thus, MyNet truly becomes the all-in-one solution able to gather in one single place any link the administrators create through the Back Office. These links are then available to the staff directly on the App. Any third-party platform is displayed as an integral part of the App, hence guaranteeing a solid corporate image and identity. When external platforms’ settings allow it, Links remembers the log-in information making access to external systems easier and quicker.

All-in-one solution

  • Make the App the company technology to access all software and platforms (welfare, meal vouchers, ERP, CRM, expense reports, etc.) 
  • Insert the number of direct links you see fit to help staff access external resources and platforms 
  • Add, delete, and edit links from the Back Office
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Quick and easy access

  • Let users access links on their “My links” section in the App 
  • Identify each link with a distinctive label 
  • Make it simpler and quicker to access corporate platforms and external links 
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All within an App

  • Save time by letting Links save login credentials to external platforms (when permitted by the sites and platforms themselves) 
  • Gift users an optimized UX since the links open within the App 
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The Back Office

  • Manage and insert an unlimited number of links by adding a label (name or description) visible in the App 
  • Edit or delete links at any time
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MyNet Back Office with Links module


MyNet’s customers use it to

  • Speed up access to the payroll portal 
  • Share access to customer and/or supplier sites and management systems 
  • Integrate existing business software such as ERP and CRM 
  • Create a direct link to the platform to manage travel and business trips 
  • Facilitate the consultation of the welfare portal 
  • Facilitate access to the company website 
  • Simplify the operations of platform administrators through a direct access link to the MyNet Back Office 
  • Share links relating to events in which the company intends to participate