Discover MyNet, the App that adapts to the customer

MyNet Human Resource Management Software is easy to use and makes personalization its winning plus. MyNet takes the colors, the name, and the logo of your company, becoming the official App of your community. 

It consists of a Back Office reserved for the platform administrators and a GDPR-compliant App that final users, from employees to sales networks to members of any form of community, can download from the Android and iOS stores. MyNet is a mobile solution that customers can brand at will and offer to their community to improve internal communication and feedback collection. And not just that! The platform integrates and communicates with other software already in use, thus facilitating users and managers.

Among other things, with MyNet, you can encourage participation in training courses, monitor and request participation in events, and create internal chats by department, roles, geographical areas, and so on. You’ll be able to have documents signed with electronic signature, share news, create and share surveys and simplify the booking of desks, meeting rooms, and any corporate asset. 

Take a look at this video from DemoDay 2022 with a brief introduction to MyNet! 

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Are you looking for a single solution to manage all corporate HR or community processes?  

You are looking for MyNet.  

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With MyNet, you’ll be able to 

  • Simplify any approval workflow  
  • Involve and communicate at best with all the people who are part of the community  
  • Plan and manage staff training, both in persona and remotely  
  • Better organize and share business documents  
  • Probe people’s opinions by making the collection of feedback quick and easy  
  • Digitize the entire expense report process  
  • Simplify the reservation of shared spaces and goods  
  • Introduce gamification to increase engagement and a sense of belonging  

In a nutshell? MyNet is the all-in-one solution that will allow you to reduce the workload of managers and innovate the business processes at best while improving people’s daily lives. 

16 Existing modules

to choose from to compose your personalized App to better manage people, internal communication, operative feedbacks, and your company or community's CSR.

+100 Customers

including companies, associations, and brands. From large realities to smaller ones, all united by the desire to get the best out of a mobile tool within everyone’s reach.

100k Active users

who use their MyNet App daily to simplify their daily activities and optimize the management of their tasks while keeping a steady communication flow with their colleagues.

+200k Daily interactions with users 

that prove perfect management of the business and community processes by speeding procedures and optimizing resources.

MyNet's press

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Technology at people's service

MyNet favours collaboration, increases engagement in the company and makes work smarter and more organised


Area reserved to those who manage contents and resources in the company

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To offer a complete experience on the platform, MyNet offers various services

MyNet is recognized as “Industry 4.0” and is suitable for corporate innovation projects improving working conditions and personnel’s performance. MyNet consultant is always available to companies if and when necessary.

Take advantage of the training offered by MyNet on the optimal use of the App

MyNet has a team of consultants who support companies during the configuration and release of the platform.

Integrate your MyNet App with management software already in use

MyNet makes exposed APIs available to companies for the modules: Cabinet, Ticket HR and Clock in.
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Configure your App with your brand name, logo, and colors

MyNet offers companies the chance to customise the App using the company’s name and icon to make it a full-branded…

Request new features to add to your App

MyNet is willing to evaluate every business need and suggest accordingly the best technological solutions.