The benefits of MyNet in two minutes

Created to simplify the company’s network management, MyNet is a multilingual cloud management platform, which can be customised and integrated with existing company management software.

It is composed of a Back Office reserved for system administrators and an App for employees and collaborators available on Android and iOS stores.

MyNet is the ideal tool for those companies investing in corporate innovation projects and aiming at Human Resources enhancement. It is a constantly-evolving Corporate App that creates new functionalities upon request and shares them with the entire network of MyNet companies.

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Does managing people in the company and organising work take too long?

The solution is MyNet.

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MyNet simplifies business life:

  • It eases attendance and absence monitoring
  • It encourages an optimised workgroup organisation
  • It allows sharing documents and digital content in a simplified way
  • It helps with planning activities
  • It permits employees to book spaces and equipment in total safety
  • It supports staff training and event organisation
  • It favours sounding out employees’ opinions

Even more, MyNet realises new functionalities upon request to meet each business need.

13 Available modules

to choose from for Human Resource Management, Internal Communication and CSR to create a completely tailor-made tool.

800 Operating functionalities

continuously evolving and available according to the chosen configuration.

+37K Tickets for holiday and leave requests

Managed by client companies for their employees' absence communications in 2020.

+2K Internal Communications

Delivered with announcements, notification and shared documents.

Technology at people's service

MyNet favours collaboration, increases engagement in the company and makes work smarter and more organised


Digitise to save on management time and costs

  • Optimise time and resources by digitising company procedures
  • Use a branded app that graphically reflects the corporate image
  • Provide personnel with a single and intuitive tool that simplifies communication, daily’s work management and access to every corporate platform needed
  • Increase Internal Marketing effectiveness by encouraging a fruitful dialogue with the employees
  • Be sure of the constant evolution of the tool that develops with brand new functionalities to meet specific demands and needs
  • Benefit from the customer support and training offered by a MyNet consultant to better manage the platform and receive personalised advice on employer branding
  • Pay attention to welfare and sustainability
  • Employ a paperless tool that reduces Co2 emissions, improves working climate, and increases Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with GDPR and labour law, the platform integrates with the management systems already in use in the company. The tool is suitable for Industry 4.0 funding programmes and subsided finance.


Manage Human Resources and optimise company processes

  • Shorten the time needed to manage staff requests
  • Work on an intuitive Back Office that simplifies daily operations
  • Benefit from a clear and real-time overview of the business situation
  • Offer employees a tool that is practical, functional, and easy to use.
  • Be able to implement internal procedures that aim at encouraging team building, increasing personnel’s motivation, participation and sense of belonging
  • Receive direct support and personalised advice from a MyNet consultant when needed
  • Further the creation of an organised work environment by simplifying and optimising daily activities and procedures
  • Spread corporate values ​​and culture

Managers receive constant support and training through tutorials, successful case studies and the expert advice provided by a MyNet consultant.


One-click communications with the company

  • Have a business App to consult company documents and notices and manage every work associated need
  • Access easily to all corporate platforms
  • Speed up and simplify every contact with the company and receive real-time feedback
  • Know the last updated communications and pieces of information shared by the company
  • Count on a tool that notifies commitments and deadlines
  • Interact with managers and colleagues
  • Use an eco-friendly App that limits pollution and paper waste
  • Receive direct support from a MyNet consultant

MyNet is the App for everyone, intuitive and easy to use that becomes the gateway to the entire corporate world. A single tool to better face everyday life in the workplace.


Area reserved to those who manage contents and resources in the company

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To offer a complete experience on the platform, MyNet offers various services

MyNet is recognized as “Industry 4.0” and is suitable for corporate innovation projects improving working conditions and personnel’s performance. MyNet consultant is always available to companies if and when necessary.


MyNet has a team of consultants who support companies during the configuration and release of the platform.

Software connection with administrative systems

MyNet makes exposed APIs available to companies for the modules: Cabinet, Ticket HR and Clock in.
immagine di un'ipotetica configurazione app personalizzata

Full brand App configuration

MyNet offers companies the chance to customise the App using the company’s name and icon to make it a full-branded…

Additional developments and custom functionalities

MyNet is willing to evaluate every business need and suggest accordingly the best technological solutions.