News Feed in one minute

Can the company bulletin board become interactive and easy-to-consult directly from the phone?


News Feed replaces the traditional notice board with an actual Social App to increase staff participation and involvement.
Through the Back Office, administrators can schedule an editorial plan to maximise Internal Communication effectiveness. It is possible to fully customise each post enriching it with multimedia content and associated notifications as well as targeting it to the entire staff or specific groups.

The corporate Social App

  • Let different publishers publish posts with their name (with their individual account or the account associated with the office/company)  
  • Enrich posts with text, images, video, pdfs, and other media formats 
  • Let people interact with the posts through likes, comments, and shares 
  • Use posts to convey info quickly through various multimedia content (images, videos, and documents) and replace newsletters, circulars, and bulletin boards  
  • Create internal ambassadors allowing users to share the posts on other personal social media channels  
  • Develop content to convey valuable experiences and stories, celebrate birthdays or retirements, or welcome new hires  
  • Engage people by sharing company results, internal job openings, and activities   
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A planned Internal Communication

  • Segment the audience for each post to maximize the effectiveness of internal communication by producing targeted content  
  • Schedule posts and create an editorial plan  
  • Notify users through push notification every time a new post gets published on the Feed 
  • Simplify Internal Marketing activities, foster a sense of belonging and employee loyalty  
  • Convey informative content to all users or targeted groups by offering info based on their interest  
  • Be sure the posts have been received and seen and increase the performance of the internal communication 
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Customisable posts

  • Choose whether users can comment on the posts 
  • Allow users to share posts on external social networks  
  • Edit previously published posts (text and media) whenever you like  
  • Organize posts into categories to make it easier for users to filter content according to the sector of interest  
  • Divide the various communications with the filter system to implement the user’s experience  
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Th Back Office

  • Create multimedia posts with text, images, videos, and files (ppt, txt, ods, csv, xml, mp4, jpg, png, etc.)  
  • Define the accounts that can publish posts with their name and surname, with the company role, and/or with the company offices/areas   
  • Address posts to all users or targeted groups 
  • Organize posts by categories and allow users to filter content in the App  
  • Manage publications by defining an editorial plan with pre-set dates  
  • Enable or disable comments for each post  
  • Allow or deny users the possibility to share posts on external social networks  
  • Encourage the acknowledgment of relevant communications by sending push notifications, having targeted communication based on roles, areas, or projects
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Back Office with the list of posts of the News Feed Module


MyNet customers use it to

  • Share short- and long-term goals of each department 
  • Inform about new safety procedures and protocols 
  • Share short videos where the manager speaks directly to the staff 
  • Communicate internal job offers and recruiting by letting users share the posts on other social media  
  • Introduce new hires through 
  • Broadcast industry news of general interest or for specific groups 
  • Publicly acknowledge successful employee practices 
  • Warn staff of any work in progress 
  • Promote a sense of belonging and engage people by encouraging interaction 
  • Present sector and company news, the new welfare plan, and new company processes and explain more complex matters 
  • Offer employees a mobile solution easy to use in the office as well as on the move 
  • Get rid of bulletin boards and introduce a mobile tool that reaches everyone on the team